Barbados Advocate Newspaper Wednesday November 19, 1958 U.S.S. Intrepid

Crash Pilot Flies Back to ‏’Intrepid’

Lt. Robert Lynn (27), who on Monday afternoon had the rare experience of parachuting from a F 9F – 8P Cougar jet aircraft off the west coast of the island, is now safely aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Intrepid. At 7:30 yesterday morning he was flown from Seawell Airport to the Carrier by one of the Intrepid’s Sky Raider aircraft which was based at Seawell after the carrier left port.

Lynn’s Cougar jet plunged into the sea about five miles out to sea after its engine cut out. He saved his life by making use of the ejector seat which threw him clear of the doomed aircraft and was later rescued from the sea by the Schooner Cyril E. Smith.
After being taken from the airport on Monday evening by the American Consul, Mr. Knox Lamb, Lt. Lynn booked in at the Marine Hotel where he spent the night. He did not leave the Hotel at all during the night and enjoyed a well earned rest before leaving the island.
Referring to the search and rescue operations, Mr. Peter Lopez, Director of Civil Aviation siad yesterday: “It proceeded very well.”
He explained that the search and rescue procedure as laid down at Seawell includes alerting such organizations as the General Hospital, Medical Department, Fire Brigade, Police Department and Harbour and Shipping Office.
“Depending on the nature of the Aircraft crash – whether it is a crash at sea, a crash at the airport or a crash on land but some distance from the airport – each organization will act to suit.”
The aircraft carrier Intrepid is now on its way to Miami, Florida after paying a four-day visit to the island.